The Faerie Realm and the Abyssal Realm are locked in a never ending battle. The Abyssal Realm and the Fey Plane are strongly connected.

The Faerie Realm represents nature and is tied to water, air, earth, plants, and animals. Demons are always trying to encroach on the faerie and the faerie are always trying to push back the demons.

The Faerie Realm is permeated with magic and completely overgrown with natural life. Homes and other buildings are grown and incorporated into fantastically large trees, mushrooms, cacti, or other plants. The realm has different laws of physics and magic works differently there. Actions that people from the material plane would consider unremarkable could represent agreement or a form of transaction and could create types of binding magical contracts. In the Faerie Realm, promises are inherently binding and there are repercussions for breaking them.

There are two main humanoid races of the Faerie Realm: the Raynaerie and the Lunaerie.

The Raynaerie are medium-sized humanoid creatures with large butterfly wings. They have hollow bones of a light translucent crystal. They have strong immune systems and a strong constitution regarding poison, disease, venom, and other bodily influences, but they are physically more fragile than a human or elf of the same size.

The Lunaerie are small-sized humanoid creatures with large moth wings. They have bones made of a wood-like material and bark-like skin. Different subraces of Lunaerie can be differentiated by their varying skin types, from rough pine bark to smooth willow bark to papery, shedding birch bark.

Faerie culture is very different in terms of morality and law and the rules of society. It’s very hard for races from the material plane to understand the minds of faerie creatures. Some elements of faerie society might seem evil or cruel, but are natural and normal to the faerie. Actions that may seem courteous, polite, generous, or good hearted in the material plane may offend faerie creatures or seem evil or cruel to them.

Magic permeates the Faerie Realm and the Abyssal Realm. Faerie creatures and abyssal creatures are inherently magical and resistant to some types of magic.

Faerie creatures value age; they view it as an investment of energy and time into a creature. The old are venerated and the young are not valued. Life has no inherent meaning to them because the value of a life is dependent on the time and energy that’s been invested in it, so some lives might be worthless to the faerie but others may be priceless. The faerie place great value on time and memory, so sentimental value also has great meaning to faerie creatures.

Nature has great meaning to the faerie. They value tangible items more if they were organically or naturally made, so the most value an item can have in this regard is if it was purely naturally occurring. An item that was grown intentionally, but with nature being guided to create the desired form is acceptable but not ideal. The least valuable type of item is something that was forced into the desired form. Consequently, metalworking, woodworking in a way where the wood is cut or sanded to shape, items made of glass, or items that are carved or forcefully manipulated have less value. The more force that was required to create a thing, the less valuable that thing is, regardless of (what humans would consider) the practical value of an item.